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keep-calm-and-sleep-zzzzzz-20You’ve been to the property auction, sold your antiques, seen enough dysfunctional families testing their dna to last a lifetime. Yet still, BBC Daytime offer the same dull fare – day in, day out, week in, weak out (sic).

It’s not as if viewing habits haven’t changed; flexible home working, more part time work, the demographic of the audience is entirely different from a few years ago – not just the retired, schoolkids bunking off, prisoners, civil servants taking well deserved (according to them) sickies, unemployed, underemployed, unemployable…no, now the mixture includes bright, aspirational parents, ambitious students and graduates (admittedly, weighed down by debt), writers, bloggers, IT specialists, Facebook addicts, night workers, shift workers, hostesses, escorts, – an almost endless range of people with little or no interest in those damn rowing families!

I like Homes Under the Hammer and have, in fact, been on one of the programs promoting the House the Homeless project I co-ordinate. But it can be confusing for viewers’; successful property investment is all about timing – and having finance available. BBC Daytime have just commissioned a new series – I suggest it takes a break, watches some daytime television itself, while hibernating which should help it sleep, then, like University Challenge, comes back refreshed, regenerated although not necessarily presented by Jeremy Paxman.

The cookery shows on television any time make me laugh – or cry – even when they’re not peeling onions! As viewers, we aren’t able to taste the food – how do we know if it’s any good!

We recently submitted to Pam Cavannagh of BBC Daytime an ENTERTAINMENT concept – why shouldn’t daytime viewers be entertained? Set in a Comedy Cavern, the idea was that five workers – nurses, undertakers, tax collectors – would make comedy sketches to make the next group of workers laugh. It was called Make Them Laugh! We wanted to discover if accountants were funny, had sorted out some esoteric sirens to pull a ramshackle boat onto comedy rocks and even discussed with Ken Dodd’s partner/agent the great man himself playing the Comedy Wizard, advising competitors.

So what did Pam say: “I’m afraid that we are not looking for this sort of Ents show at the moment in Daytime.” No invitation to display storyboards in Salford, no chance to chat with tea and rather nice BBC jammy dodger biscuits left over from Grange Hill. No. Not looking for Ents in Daytime.

Hardly a way to treat Ken Dodd either, one of the greatest comedians of his generation, now 85, but still doing seventy stand-up shows this year. And not the way to treat the viewing public: let’s have a laugh during daytime. Not at the expense of those questionable, arguing, dna testing, antique grabbing home buyers. How about something for the rest of us?

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94 Responses to “BBC DAYTIME: ZZZZZZZZZ”

  1. erinyslondon says:

    I found that daytime TV improved a bit since they moved Ceebeebies to its own channel.

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  2. samatherton85 says:

    Luckily i manage to avoid most of this as ceebeebies takes up most of the day time tv viewing in our house.

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  3. mememe23 says:

    Daytime TV is so bad it makes me suicidal!

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